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Welcome to Mongan Energy

Steve Mongan, the creator of Mongan Energy, has dedicated his working life to the field of thermodynamics and the physics of air and these sciences have been successfully applied during the last 30 years throughout industry and commerce.

As an innovator in the applied physics of energy and heat transfer, Steve has developed a unique heat transfer device which forms the basis of a series of Patents. A principal achievement of his was to build the UK´s only test rig to commercially simulate actual industrial energy saving.

A Government White Paper titled “The Coming Oil Shock” prompted Steve to further develop his technology into the field of renewables and, in particular, electricity production. The success of this work has led to further patents. With the advent of climate change and the targets set by governments for carbon reduction, he has by invitation presented to select committees of The House of Lords and the United Nations on the subject of Bio-Electricity.

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To preserve and renew is almost as noble as to create
Voltaire (Philosopher) 1694-1778
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